Attorney Shannon Powers took a $1,000 retainer and here's what I got

Attorney Powers refused to file a motion to rescue my children from an abusive Sheriff-Established- Sting-Meth-House

I hired a private investigator that determined some of the adults living with my children were using meth and selling it. It was also determined that the house itself was a Sting-Meth-House and that my children's presence there made it seem less like a sting operation. I asked Atty. Powers to file a motion to get my children out of there and to have drug test ran on everyone. He refused. Ultimately, the only person asked to take a drug screen, was James,- the dad that was raising awareness.

Shannon's reply, "We have no proof, we know nothing..."

When I let Shannon know, that I knew exactly what was going on & that we had proof, and where we could go to get more, HE HUNG UP ON ME - bye bye, $1,000

This attorney put his corrupt peers over the safety of my children.

Attorney Powers withheld Discovery

I was incarcerated for three months without knowing the details of the allegation against me because Attorney Shannon Powers refused to provide me a copy of Discovery. After three months I filed a Motion myself requesting that the Judge temporarily suspend my attorney - Shannon Powers - for not providing it to me. I ended up selling one of my houses and having to hire a second Attorney and remained incarcerated for a total of nine months before I finally got a copy. That's when I discovered that Attorney Jennifer Peeler (Shannon's colleague) had filed a false police report and Attorney Shannon Powers knew from day one that I possessed a recording that proved my innocence and Jennifer's guilt. I was assaulted in the jail and told that this is how things will keep repeating if I don't plead guilty and take everything off the internet. I entered the bogus plea and left the country before they could strike again. I've lost my Master Electrician License (ME64634) and I've not seen my children or my house for over a year and a half!  -  All I can say is that if you want to hire Attorney Shannon Powers or let him be your Public Defender - You go ahead.